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V-Match & V-Match C9
Video Wall Control Applications

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whatsapp chat hacken kostenlos kontaktbörse kostenlos ohne registrierung At exhibitions for eye-catching, exclusive booth design

  • Video wall setup with a mix of different types of displays
  • Free, eye-catching combination and positioning of displays: clients design the initial letter of their company name with displays or make an arch out of displays around the entrance to their booth; some freely mix different displays and locate them in a non-grid-like setup on the back of their booth
  • Company and product promotion videos shown enlarged across the video wall
  • Switching between presets and media sources provides even more variety
  • Exclusive booth design with eye-catching display walls (instead of standard grid-like video walls or just single displays like on all the other booths)
  • Attraction for visitors and best attention to media content. It will not get lost in the flood of media on a show 

www single ab 50 treff de whatsapp kostenlos für pc windows 8 In clubs and bars for new video effects

  • Video wall setup with a mix of different types of displays right above the dance floor
  • Free, eye-catching combination and positioning of displays: one big LED panel in the center surrounded by many other smaller and bigger displays
  • The VJ is mixing the sound and the video effects according to the sound and the beat
  • The VJ also switches between presets to show the video effects either enlarged across all displays or just on some displays or just on the LED panel or to mix a second video source into the display setup

whatsapp kostenlos für pc runterladen  whatsapp kostenlos für windows pc In a TV studio in Germany

  • Video enlarged across 4 rear projection cubes in a 2x2 video wall
  • The video wall is located behind the moderator in the background of the TV studio
  • Videos of sequences of a match, scoring, advertisements

whatsapp kostenlos herunterladen für pc windows 8 whatsapp kostenlos für tablet pc In wellness studios in Austria

  • Video enlarged across 2 screens located on top of each other in a wellness room
  • Different videos are displayed and enlarged depending on the mood a wellness room should spread
  • E.g. video of a deserted palm beach with waves breaking at the shore
  • E.g. video of dunes and deserts with hot sun shining
  • E.g. underwater video of animal live in cool, blue water

whatsapp messenger kostenlos für pc whatsapp kostenlos für pc deutsch In fashion stores

  • Video enlarged across 3 screens located on top of each other in the sales area
  • Videos of models showing the latest fashion
  • On the lower screen the feet and legs of the model are shown
  • On the middle screen the body of the model is shown
  • On the upper screen the head and shoulders are shown
  • All screens together provide the full image of the model

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